July 14, 2016

Currently we have five contractors working in our service territory

Poor Boys Tree Service - is spraying on the west side of our system, currently in the central-western area
Northeast Rural Services (NRS) - is currently working in the Newport area, then to the south, clearing right of way 
Finley Engineering - is performing utility pole assessments and updating our system mapping most of 2016
Pike Electric - is helping us by changing poles the entire year of 2016, currently they are working east of Jasper
ECHO - Working close to our office upgrading conductors and poles

If you see others besides these contractors claiming to be contractors for BCEC please contact our office 417-682-5636 or 800-286-5636. Remember never to give someone you don't know or trust money if they are claiming to be from BCEC, just say I need to call the office first.