Level Bill Pay Terms & Conditions

We offer a levelized billing to our members with a good payment record for the 12 previous months called Level Bill Pay. You must live at your residence for 12 months before you may enroll in our Level Bill Pay program so that we may pull accurate usage data for your household to calculate your average billing. We take the sum of the previous 12 months billing and divide this total by 12 to determine the average amount billed at the time the Level Bill Pay program is set up on your account. You then pay this same set amount each month until the catch up month in September of every year. During the September billing cycle the system recalculates the new average based on the prior 12 month billing history and a new payment amount is determined and set for following year.

All members participating in the Level Pay Agreement will receive a monthly statement indicating the actual kilowatt-hour consumed and the balance on their account. The amount due will only reflect the average usage for each location. Each month the Balance Forward line on the billing will indicate if the location is carrying a balance due or if there is a credit on the account. Please take note of this balance throughout the year before the catch-up month, if there is an amount due the full balance will be due on October 15th. If there is a credit balance this will reduce your payment on October 15th.