811 Call Before You Dig

811 call before you dig logoDigging is not as simple as it used to be. With many utilities running underground these days (such as electrical, water, phone, and gas lines), it is vital that everyone knows what is underground before they start digging. Thanks to our friends at Call 811, finding out what lies beneath is a simple task! And, it is a free service! Be sure to call 811 a few days before you undertake any digging project so that we can keep everyone safe and our utilities running smoothly.

For more information and resources, please visit the Call 811 website. Also, be sure to check out the Missouri-specific 811 website, the Missouri One Call System.

Call Before You Dig Steps

When you call 811 from anywhere in the country:

  1. Your call will be routed to your local One Call Center
  2. Local One Call Center operators will ask you for the location of your digging job and route your call to affected utility companies
  3. Those companies will then send a professional locator to your location to mark your lines within a few days
  4. Once your underground lines have been marked, you will know the approximate location of your utility lines and can dig safely

Secondary Lines

Secondary electric lines running from the meter to your home or buildings are not included in the 811 network. If you need these secondary lines marked please call Barton County Electric Cooperative at (417) 682-5636.

Privately owned lines can be located for free. Water, natural gas, and residential electric lines are usually owned by the utility up to the meter. Some sewer districts own only the mains; others extend their ownership to laterals up to the property line. The customer typically owns everything beyond these points. Check with your local utility provider to verify what they will be locating. You can find their phone number on your locate ticket. Customer owned lines usually include propane tanks and lines, water wells, hot tubs, security lighting, pools, natural gas grills and any lines that serve outbuildings. The free locating service available though 811 applies only to facilities owned by utilities.